How our clients feel about us

In my 15 years as a General Contractor in California, I've had the pleasure to work with several good subcontractors, but Southland is a great Subcontractor. It has one quality that sticks above all others and that is they CARE.


Gil Schrock

Owner, Hawkeye Construction & Design

Southland is always performed the job on a very excellent technical level and kept the schedule in tact. Ed Bezinover one of a kind person, trustworthy and very pleasant to work with. His technical abilities are not disputable.


Lev Yasnogorodsky

President & CEO LY Developers LLC

Commercially Southland has engineered, designed and built some of the most intricate and sophisticated energy management control systems for ||smart buildings|| located throughout the United States.


Ralph A. Ciaramella

Vice President, Field Operations

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