Southland HVAC’s planned maintenance program protects your investment in HVAC and mechanical systems by increasing the life of equipment and averting potential failures.

Using one of the most comprehensive equipment databases in the industry, we customize each maintenance program to maximize efficiency and minimize equipment downtime. Each component of your technical system is tasked based on the manufacturer’s design, operations and maintenance recommendations and your facility’s operational requirements.

Armed with real-time data and system-specific knowledge, the Southland team ensures your building receives the proper maintenance at the proper time.

Complete Equipment Maintenance Service:

While executing equipment maintenance services for our clients, our experienced HVAC technicians act as a single source solution to:

  • Evaluate the age, condition and design application of systems.
  • Monitor, manage and report on operational and maintenance activities.
  • Identify impending problems in each piece of equipment.
  • Rapidly repair and replace worn or doubtful parts.
  • Look for opportunities to improve efficiency through incremental upgrades.
  • Maximize operational reliability and performance.

Southland’s preventive maintenance programs are supported by our ability to provide emergency HVAC services 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.