Sheet Metal Fabrication

Southland HVAC & Constrution engineering team excels at custom HVAC system design, fabrication and layout. We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of air flow requirements and our ability to generate even larger flow rates using multiple units in the system. Depending on your needs, we can deploy several different system configurations to produce the best results while integrating seamlessly into the overall facility footprint and layout.

Our engineers will specify all necessary fans, burners, humidifiers, evaporators, control systems and power distribution components to create the desired climate set points. The years of experience we have in custom designing & fabrication of HVAC systems afford us a vast knowledge of heating and cooling options available to achieve your desired results while maintaining safe operation. For example, we always supply Class A and Class B emission stacks with indirect fired heating units so that individuals coming in contact with the system will not be burned. We utilize energy recovery units when applicable to lower costs and loads on the system, while allowing the system to comply with ASHRAE requirements.

Our systems include PLC control options that allow the operator to perform off site monitoring, tuning and troubleshooting of system anomalies. Once designed, the system is fabricated and assembled so all components or sections can fit on a truck without oversized shipping limitations. The system is installed and tested for performance. We can also provide ongoing maintenance and documentation for your HVAC systems. We look forward to discussing your next custom designed HVAC project!