Southland HVAC offers fully integrated in-house CAD and coordination services. We work closely with the Design and Construction team to meet YOUR goals and expectations. Our detailed plans provide clear representation of all HVAC systems including equipment, duct work and piping. We can also layer such systems as electrical, plumbing and fire protection to provide a complete project detailing for your review.

Southland can provide full three-dimensional BIM for your project. This enhanced process allows the Design and Construction Teams to view the project from multiple angles including a simulated fly-through view. This can be utilized to pinpoint areas of concern for further review, and can provide a detailed representation of how the finished product will look.

These services provide you the opportunity to identify problems and request any changes needed prior to construction, avoiding costly re-work in the field. Utilizing BIM, we can streamline the construction process to save valuable time and resources, ultimately enhancing your project’s bottom line.

Southland will also be involved in other aspects of pre-construction coordination and planning. Our personnel assigned to your project can attend coordination meetings, plan development milestone schedules, participate in code compliance reviews, review system efficiency, recommend alternate HVAC equipment for potential cost savings, and identify value engineering options.