Building Management Control

A great way to manage the energy use in your building is the implementation of energy efficient products like building automation systems. If you’re looking for a better way to control your building energy use, we highly recommend contacting us for a consultation. We have created various optimized programs that help our clients cut costs through functionality improvements and HVAC optimization techniques.

Southland HVAC has more than 30 years of experience in the design, installation and service of direct digital control (DDC) systems used for the control and monitoring of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment and systems.

Automated Building Systems

We offer in-depth services that allow business owners to have and maintain more control over their buildings energy use. The automated building systems we use will allow you to track which sections of your building are using the most energy and details on how to improve it.

Our primary focus for new control system installations is self-performing the controls as part of a mechanical package on our design/build projects rather than subcontracting this portion of the job. We also provide installation of controls as part of an integrated solution for HVAC system upgrades and equipment replacement projects. This approach provides clients with a single source of responsibility and control over the operation and performance of the mechanical systems, ensuring enhanced quality of the project.

BMS Systems

We’ve provided BMS systems for many different industries and business of all sizes. All businesses can benefit from the use of our technology. If you’ve never had one, we highly encourage an evaluation of your system to see how we can help. We could identify inefficient areas that are costing your business money, and supply a detailed plan on how to improve, and optimize your systems.

By having firsthand knowledge of the control system installation and access to the programming through remote monitoring, we are able to provide thorough and efficient commissioning of the mechanical systems. Typically we continue this monitoring after the project is complete to ensure the systems are functioning as intended and will make program adjustments as needed to account for changes in occupancy conditions. This minimizes comfort and control problems during the latter stages of the warranty period and beyond.