Villa Del Mar

Villa Del Mar

Location: 13999 Marquesas Way Marina Del Rey, CA 90295

Owner: Esprit One, LLC

General: MTH Construction

Construction Value: $6,000,000

Completion Dates: March ‘10  

Villa Del Mar is an apartment complex which houses 437 individual apartment units with 5 recreational areas, 4 formal halls and 2 club houses. The property is located inside of Marina Del Rey Harbor and boasts spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean.

Southland HVAC & Construction has begun designing the HVAC system and will install its’ design which serves the common areas throughout the complex. All sheet metal ducting and stainless steel venting hoods will be self fabricated and delivered to the project.

Due to the properties location along the coast, this project will prove to be especially challenging as an additional set of terms and conditions provided by the Coastal Commission will need to be followed to the letter.