Location: Naval Base Coronado San Clemente Island, CA

Public Agency: Department of the Navy

General: T.B. Penick & Sons, Inc.

Construction Value: $1,097,623

Completion Dates: 2013  

P-741 Bachelor Quarters project is located on the San Clemente Island Naval Base Coronado, serving housing needs of the Navy enlisted personal. This project features building modular construction with building apartment modules completed in Riverside, CA. Individual building module interior finishes including integrated MEP were completed and ready for connection on mainland. The modular building construction required extensive logistic coordination between NAVFAC, General Contractor, and all sub-tier contractors. Final building assembly took place on the island and was completed in shortest possible time frame.

Southland HVAC & Construction installed and tested HVAC Systems. HVAC system features high efficiency 2-pipe chilled water loop fan coils with electric heat, serving individual apartment modules and common area. New Central Plant was build, serving buildings hydronic needs. HVAC Direct Digital Controls, integrated with Domestic Water Service and Solar Power System provides complete control and building automation. DDC offers remote air quality control and diagnostic access for the Navy. All sheet metal ducting, hydronic piping, underground piping, Central Plant equipment, Chiller, hydronic pumps, and other HVAC specialties were delivered to the island and installed by Southland HVAC and Construction.