Lincoln Place Apartments

Lincoln Place Apartments

Location: 1002-1036 Doreen Pl Venice, CA 90291

General: Bernards

Mechanical Value: $4,800,000

Completion Dates: November ‘15  

Lincoln Place Apartments is a historical (45) two-story multi-family residential type VA wood construction with raised foundation buildings. There are a total of 668 interior remodeled units in buildings#1 through building #44 along with 28 more from building #45.

Southland HVAC & Construction is currently installing and testing the HVAC Systems at Lincoln Place Apartments which is split into two phases. The HVAC system features high efficiency fan coils with electric heat, serving individual apartment modules and common areas such as the recreational room. Each apartment module is installed with an individual thermostat control. All of the sheet metal ducting, refrigeration piping, Heat Pumps, Unit Heaters, Exhaust Fans and other HVAC specialties were delivered to the location and being installed by Southland HVAC & Construction.